The SkinnyMike Project - Week 1 weigh-in

I lost 7 pounds this week. I'm at 237.5 now. Depending on my mood that either feels like a lot or almost none, so it helps to visualize. A week after Madison was born, she weighed just over 7 pounds. So, a block of fat the size of my new born daughter is missing from my midsection.

That's cool.

The dieting really does get easier day by day. Of course, this is only my first week so I'm far from an expert. I suppose if could get more difficult again in the future, but for now I've found peace with eating less food that is terrible for me and more that is good for me. I have to admit, my tummy has been in a much more agreeable state and I no longer feel an overwhelming need to nap in the afternoon.

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