Mike McHargue is one of those rare voices that can speak knowledgeably and authentically about both science and faith. He's a favorite of churches, colleges, conferences, and other events looking to dig deeper into doubt, atheism, and how God rewires our brains. Mike's mix of honesty, humor, and affability allow him to connect with remarkably diverse audiences.

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What people are saying about Mike

"I was once at a party with Mike and I began asking him
questions about science or the brain or God or some similar
topic and when he responded something fascinating happened.
It was a fairly large party, with people in the living room where
Mike and I were, spilling out into the dining room and the kitchen,
but when Mike started casually answering my questions people
stopped talking to each other and started listening to Mike. 
And moving closer, and hanging on every word.
I don't mean to make this sound overly dramatic, but I've seen
Mike talk, both casually and more formally over the past few 
years, and this always happens: people lean and hang on his
every word. It isn't just the content of what he says, which blows 
people's minds, and it isn't just his clarity-he is an outstanding
communicator, it's something else. Something deeper, richer,
more profound-something involving his soul, his life, his integrity,
his heart. This is someone filled with wonder and awe, who looks
at the world and in the facts and pain and science and poetry 
and heartbreak sees something beautiful at work, and he has the
uncanny ability-maybe the better word would be power-to explain
and describe and articulate that something beautiful like few people I've ever heard.
Mike is a rare talent, a rare voice, a rare soul."

Rob Bell, New York Times bestselling author and speaker

“Mike McHargue's message reminds us that we can believe in God, love Jesus, and use our brains all at the same time. He speaks with knowledge, humor, and compassion for those of us whose faith journey has led to some very unexpected places. He helped me on my own journey, and I am willing to bet that there are people in your community that he can help as well."

Rob Carmack, lead pastor, Collective Church

“Mike’s presentation at Granger on neuroscience and prayer was unique, engaging, and insightful. We were trying to reach an eclectic audience of seekers and believers, academics and laypeople, and he connected across the board. The impact of his time is still being felt in the ongoing conversations and new steps of faith he provoked. But maybe the best part about Mike’s visit was that his humble, thoughtful demeanor on-stage was matched in every other interaction we had leading up to the event and during his time in town. He was a joy to work with. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Jason Miller, Teaching Pastor, Granger Community Church

“Mike is the best kind of nerd - an engaging storyteller that strikes the perfect balance of being both smart and accessible. His story and willingness to tackle difficult questions of faith and science is a gift to all of us.”

Carter Sample, High School Pastor, Hosanna! Lutheran Church