Talks & Interviews

Looking for a talk or interview of mine?


Collision: Science & God. Wednesday, November 5, 2014 - Mike McHargue

Bloom Denver - A Tale of Two Brains: Faith & Doubt. Michael Gungor invited me to share my story at the church he founded with Lisa in Denver. I talk about losing my faith and finding it again and the remarkable ability of the human brain to hold contradictory ideas via split-brained patients.

Collective Church - God, Faith, and the Brain. What does belief in God do to human brains? Is it good or bad? I share what modern neuroscience has to say about Faith and humanity.

Collective Church Q&A - The folks from Collective Church in Fort Worth, Texas had some really great questions for me. This is why Q&A is my favorite part of any event.

Good Sam UMC - My Story. My home church asked me to share my story of faith lost and found through science.


You Made it Weird with Pete Holmes. Pete Holmes is a comedian and host of The Pete Holmes Show on TBS. We met each other through Rob Bell and Pete invited me on his podcast. We talk about the brain, faith, doubt, atheism, astronomy, sex, and keeping it crispy. Pete's show usually features comedians, actors, and well-known people, so it was really an honor to be a part of this program.

HuffPost Live - Married to an Introvert. I came on as part of a panel discussion about relationships between introverts and extroverts.

Youth Ministry Answers. High School students often experience doubt due to conflicts between traditional Christian claims on creation and modern science. I offered some tips and strategies for people who work with students.

The Frank Sontag Show. Frank Sontag is a former member of the New Age movement who came to know Jesus after a mystical experience. Now he hosts a daily FM talk show in Los Angeles. We talked about finding God after atheism and what it's like to lose God.

Newsworthy with Norsworthy - Luke Norsworthy has interviewed some of my favorite leaders in the Church, and he asked me to come on the program after reading one of my articles on RELEVANT. 

You're Doing it Wrong Podcast I met the hosts of this show at an event in Laguna Beach, and they asked me to come tell my story before asking me embarrassing questions about dating.