Not bad, Mr. Presidents

Well, I finished America: The Book and it's uncanny humorous take on American politics had me ready to just not vote at all. If you know me, you know my frustration with the two party system in America. You know that I am not a big George W. Bush fan, and John Kerry doesn't win big points with me either.

The third and final debate last night really encouraged me. Both candidates were civil to each other and stayed on topic a good 65% of the time.

Man, all I have to do now is pick one. This is easy for everyone but me it seems. I'm fairly centrist in terms of politics, if slightly to the left on the economy and a little to the libertarian side on social issues. The thing is, I agree with a significant minority of issues with both candidates and disagree with the majority with both as well. I think both guys are way off on education and that is more important to me than national security. What good is a safe nation if future generations are not equipped to compete with the world?

So, that leaves me to rank which issues are most important to me. This is hard, because both guys have 2 of my top 4. Plus there's Dick Cheney and this thing that creeps me out to no end. The oil company ties aren't good either.

Of course, any number of sites that poll public information can tell you both candidates are filthy with corporate influence money. I own a corporation, so I don't think they are all evil, but corporate influence on our political system is entirely too high.

Maybe Mr. Washington can decide for me via an acrobatic maneuver.