Ok, the time has come. Jenny is having Madison. Well, not this second, but soon.

We are on the waiting list to be induced. We're in the fourth slot. So sometime between now and tomorrow morning we'll be called to go to the hospital. They'll start with a cervical softening agent which will be in place for 12 hours.

In some women this is enough to start labor on its own. Jenny has actually progressed backwards in terms of her cervix since last week. She is less dilated and Madison's head is in a less ideal position. The tilt of her cervix is also farther from the birth canal.

So, the first stage is really to get her ready to induce. After 12 hours, her cervix should be dilated enough to rupture her membranes and proceed with hormones to stimulate contractions.

Our doctor preferes a little intervention in birth as possible, but Jenny's blood pressure is rising and her swelling is getting even worse.

This usually makes for a relatively uncomfortable labor, so please pray for Jenny.

Based on this, Madison will be born between tomorrow morning and Friday morning.