Miracles can happen

Even as I type these words, it is hard for me to fathom that I'm actually doing something with my website. For years I held grand visions of HTML and GoLive and lots of the color blue. Sadly, my skill in these crafts are far too low and my ambition too stretched for me to advance the cause in either of those manners.

So instead, I've gone with a lovely canned Blogger template. My friends who are web design elitist will surely post mocking comments, but some of us just can't design for the web. I am coming to terms with the fact that I am one of those people.

I have no visions of this site ever getting traffic. Like so many people in this blog "revolution" I write simply because I can. Due to this, I will write in a technical manner when I feel like doing so and I will use "and" for effect with I desire. Technophobes and English teachers: consider yourselves warned.

What's really amazing is that not only have I put something up here, I've also updated my Dad's site as well. I suppose I would have never gotten around to either of these things if my company's extranet was not misbehaving. As I try and bring it back into a right state of behavior, this site and Dad's make hand tests for how Mac OS X Server's implementation of Apache handles permissions, WebDAV, realms and other little tricks. By getting these sites up I've been able to fix most of what is wrong on that server.

I also wrote a little farewell on behalf of my friends in Beneath His Feet. Sadly, the band has finally run its course. You can read more about that over there, but I have to say it really bums me out. They really were good.

Of course that means that Pixel Records stands alone as a neglected domain I own. I can't really do much with that until I move forward with some artists. Don't expect anything too soon. Process is delayed even more than normal by the approach of the baby.

Yes, the baby. Jenny and I are having one. Well, really Jenny is having one and I am along for the ride as the proud, expectant father. I've got loads of ultrasound pictures on my .Mac page and you can expect some cool 3D shots as well as video on or after August 31. Technology is so cool.

I can't believe I'm about to be a dad. That's so cool. Cool, and yet terrifying at the same time.