Happy Friday

At the request of my faithful readers, today's post will be of a non-technical nature. Enjoy.

Jenny, for any total strangers reading this, is my wife. She's pregnant with our first baby and the doctors tell us we are having a girl. Despite the fact that Jenny is in her 24th week of pregnancy, I still can't fully fathom the fact that I am about to be a dad.

I remember the morning that Jenny rushed into our bedroom on a Saturday morning and woke me with a rather joyful proclamation, "I'm pregnant." We'd been trying to have a baby for quite a long time, almost a month. I did not expect that the magic moment would happen so quickly and I had a really hard time believing it was true.

Early pregnancy is a very odd time. Other than a few symptoms exhibited by the mother, there is no tangible evidence that a child is coming. The initial excitement is replaced by the realization that 9 months is a long time to wait for something significant. This is something that is even more difficult to wait for then the launch of Halo 2 on November 9 (I had to say something about video games).

A couple of weeks ago Jenny became aware of fetal movement. You could see by the expression on her face when these magical events were occurring. This made the child so much more real to her. I was a little jealous.

The connections a father feels with an unborn child at this state does not have the same physical reinforcement that the mother has. My great proofs of babyhood were ultrasound pictures and baby furniture. They satisfy the mind with ease, but the heart is a little more coy with its belief.

Which brings us to this week and the first time I was able to feel the baby move. I can not compare this when any other event in my life. My salvation and my wedding day are close in the sheer intensity, but the tone is not the same. This was euphoria.

I simply had to call my family and close friends to share with them the news. To me, this was far bigger than the presidential campaigns or the war in Iraq. In my mind MSNBC should be running this as the top story: MIKE MCHARGUE IS HAVING A BABY. THE BABY MADE ITS FIRST CONTACT WITH THE FATHER TODAY. MORE AT 11:00.

But alas, the world moves on and keeps turning. Politicians are taking their digs at one another. The need for election pulls a president and a senator from their jobs of service.

It reminds me of standing in the hallway outside the nursery with Jeb after his son was born (a few weeks ago). We were both so surprised to see that cars were still driving by so soon after a new life had entered the world.