Where have all the eggheads gone?

This whole blog thing is just strange. I've only been blogging for a few days, and I already get a thrill when there are page views and visits to my site. I've read several "How-to" articles about writing a blog worth visiting and I'm not following any of those rules. I just write about what I think about.

The thing is, most of my thoughts are of a technical nature. Technology, especially the digital variety, dominates my thought patterns. So, I write these little technical blurbs that are only useful to someone who specializes in nearly the same aspect of digital technology as myself. If someone like that happens to run across this site, I imagine the posts of a personal nature would serve only to bore them to tears.

Likewise, most of the people I actually know personally are generally uninterested in the finer points in computing. I am a geek with very few geek friends. My close friends are athletes and musicians, and the only interest they have in technology is what it can do for them. So, my technical writings bore them. I would not trade my friends for any others in the world, I guess I just wish there were more geeks among their ranks.

Such has long been a problem in my life. I am deeply endeared to my little hometown of Tallahassee. It's quaint southern charm and relatively small size means that high-level technology experts are few and far between. Our local economy is based on state government and private companies that offer services to state government. All the eggheads are off in towns where the corporate headquarters of these companies are. Cities like San Francisco, Dallas/Ft. Worth, or even Atlanta. The truly talented technical people of Tallahassee just happen to be good at what they do, their passions lie elsewhere.

No one around here understands why I think Steve Jobs is great. They think that it's cute and eccentric. They notice the phenomenal changes technology is heaving upon the world, but they care about the effect, not the cause.

I do have many friends on the Internet who are technically inclined, but text-based interaction is just not as satisfying as face-to-face interaction. I guess that's why I love going to MacWorld so much.