Frances is coming! Head for the hills!

I often brag to friends on the Internet about how great it is to live in Florida. During the winter months in the Nourthern hemisphere, my friends in the northern US, Canada, and the UK complain about the cold and snow. Sure, it's cold in North Florida too, but cold to us is 50 degrees. People hide indoors if it gets near freezing.

Florida is beautiful as well. Of course, for the beach lovers South Florida is paradise, but North Florida has a charm all it's own. We have lots of trees and an amazing local ecosystem. Parts of North Florida have a higher flora species-per-meter density than any rain forest. The summers are very hot and humid, but there's enough shade that being outdoors is pleasent. There are cities of good size, but no sprawling, polluted urban areas. I wouldn't live anywhere else.

Of course, the bad thing about Florida is the storms. Our rain storms are violent with pounding rain, thunder and lightning. They tend to be frequent in the summer months and many a TV set or computer is destroyed long before its natural time of failure.

And of course there are the hurricanes...

I refer not to the popular college footbal team, but the massive western counter-part of the typhoon. We see more than our fair share and the frequently devisate parts of our fair state. At present, a rather fierce one is headed for us. It's called Frances.

The various news outlets can tell you far more about it than I can. All I know is that preparing my IT infrastructure for the possiblitilies is intense. Tallahassee is, as always) expected to recieve the storm in a weakend state. Most people are responding by preparing for the worst based on the behavior of the 2 hurricanes that passed through 2 weeks ago.

So, if my site goes down this weekend, you know why. My datacenter is sitting in splinters.