Owned by democracy

I was over at my parents house last night to watch the Madison ultrasound VHS. Mom handed me a very official looking piece of mail that was addressed to me at my parents address.

It seems I have been selected for jury duty.

I understand the civic duty aspect of this, but it seems to me like I have to waste a day (or more) and not get paid for it. This is part of the obligation that comes with being a registered voter, but for someone who is as jaded about American politics as I am the cost is not really worth the benefit.

I have no idea who I'm voting for in November. I could end up voting for Kerry, Nader or Bush depending on who I think will cause less of a train wreck in Washington. Of course, with our two-horse race that is America, Nader is more a vote of no confidence in the major candidates. I find that very, very sad. America is a land of great diversity and yet we get to choose between A and B in every election. There's just not a lot of opportunity to find someone who shares many of your views. Other civilized nations have many, many feasible choices on election day and I find it discouraging that we are stuck in this ridiculous 2 party system.

Wow, I really was going to post about how annoyed I am with jury duty, but if I start talking about Republicans and Democrats I can't stop the rant.