ID 10-T error

I've been having a fight with MirrorAgent for 9 days. MirrorAgent will happily sync my iDisk, but will write obscure errors to ~/Library/Logs/MirrorAgent.log when I try to sync my portable home with the server. I got fed up and decided to just blow away ~/Library. Counter to what I normally do, I did this in the Finder instead of Terminal.

I blew away /Library instead of ~/Library. Now my OS X installation is hosed. Which means, of course, that I'll spend the next few days rebuilding the OS install on my PowerBook.

I haven't felt this dumb since, well, ever.

I'm already so busy and so behind and now I can't do most of what I do because of a freaking dumb mistake.

Sometimes I wish I was a user and could just call the admin. Sadly, I am the admin.