Prognosis inconclusive

This post assumes you read the last one.

Boots went back to the vet today. The medicine we've been giving him over the weekend seemed to help his breathing tremendously, so I was sure we were looking at congestive heart failure. Although that would be no picnic, it is at least a treatable condition and would remove any uncertainty about how to proceed.

Boot's X-Rays looked the same today as they did on Saturday. That could be caused by a few things. First, we've been giving him drops. He's supposed to get 15 mg, but we aren't very successful in getting 100% of the drops to go down. If you've ever tried to medicate a cat, you know what I'm talking about. Switching to pills will ensure he gets the full dosage and may help more.

Second, it could be tumors in his lungs and not fluid. Third, and very unlikely since he's an inside cat is heartworms.

So, we for now we're just proceeding with the treatment until a cardiologist is available for an ultrasound. Since Tallahassee is not a big city, they're only available once a month or so.