The SkinnyMike Project - starting out

I'm on Weight Watchers now.

For anyone who know me personally and is reading this, I'm sure you are shocked. Despite the fact that I am 6'1" and weight 244.5 pounds, I have no problems with self-image. I look in the mirror and see a reasonably attractive human being with a too-thick midsection. I think of all the great food and fellowship I enjoy and I'm happy with the trade off.

Jenny, however, is not. Jenny gained more weight in the third trimester than she wanted to and is now determined to eliminate it. Watching me stuff my face with whatever fatty food I desire probably wouldn't help her much, so I joined Weight Watchers online while Jenny is going to the good old fashioned meetings.

I've been meaning to start paying attention to what I eat, but again, not for my self image. I am more concerned that one day I will have a heart attack or stroke from my daily forays into the Great Land of Fried Food. I have no desire to leave my wife a widow at a young age, so here I am on a diet.

Kudos to the web people at Weight Watchers. The web app for tracking what you eat is easy-to-use, fast and works on all Mac browsers. I am amazed.

I'll be posing my progress on a weekly basis. The only thing I'm dreading is a reduction of waist size and the corresponding clothes shopping. Yuck.