Eye of the Tiger

Today's Shuffle Song:
Everything in 2's
Everything in 2's by Better Than Ezra

Although today at 6:00 PM is the official release date for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, my copy arrived from the Apple Store yesterday. Being the early-adopter that I am, I rushed to pop in the install DVD into my PowerBook without so much as a Google for potential problems.

Of all the releases of Mac OS X so far, I've been the least excited about Tiger. Panther worked well for me, and although the new features looked fine enough I can remember index-based content searches from Copeland which later became Mac OS 8. Seriously. Plus, computing, videogaming, and pretty much everything in my life have been overshadowed by a new thing.

Anyway, my initial impression of Tiger was not good. The initial boot took a really long time. If I had been unable to hear the hard drive trashing I would have thought the machine was frozen.

After my PowerBook finally came to life, Tiger's setup assistant opened. The intro movie/music are very cool. I filled out the very short assistant (most of the info I would have entered was pulled from my .Mac account) and then the full GUI loaded.

Everything was slow. Like, unusably slow.

It turns out that Spotlight starts indexing your drive right away. I couldn't (and still haven't) found a way to delay or schedule the initial indexing. So, I was just about ready to give up at the 2 hour mark.

Then, magically, the indexing finished and my Mac took on a whole new life. My cold-boot startup time, when measured by stopwatch, is just slightly more than half of what it was with Panther. The Finder is more responsive and the system seems much more smooth when multitasking.

Spotlight is awesome. It's fast and locates relevant documents.

Mail 2.0 is awesome. There are some the say the new UI is unattractive, but I think it's much more sleek than what we had with previous versions. I'm actually switching from Entourage to Mail. I've long been annoyed that I have an Entourage address book that is separate from my Address Book. Mail takes care of that, plus it speaks to spotlight.

Dashboard is neat. It's not life changing, but it is neat.

iChat AV does, in fact, offer clearer video on the same amount of bandwidth. There is just the small problem that said video is much more CPU intensive than the previous codec.

I'm not really done anything with Automator. I use AppleScript and shell scripts, so I'm not exactly sure how Automator can do anything more than I can do now.

Safari seems to be snappier, and the RSS thing is nice, but I don't see an easy way to subscribe to a feed. I've read the help file and checked the prefs and I can see new articles in a different color, but I don't get notified of new articles. I'm sure I'm just missing something obvious.

Anyway, if you have a Mac, go get Tiger. If you don't have a Mac, go buy a Mac and get the coolest features in Longhorn today. ;)