SkinnyMike: 10% of me is gone.

Today's Shuffle Song:
Freak of the Week

Freak of the Week by Marvelous 3

After a couple of low/no weight loss weeks, this week was more successful. I lost 2.5 pounds which puts me at 218 pounds. It's been a long time since I was at this weight. That also means I've passed my 10% goal. That's pretty staggering when I think about it.

I feel better. I don't mean in a self-image, "wow-I-look-good" kind or way. I have more energy, I'm more comfortable, stairs seem like no problem and my clothes don't fit at all anymore.

I also know people are clamoring for more pictures of Madison. I must confess that I have more fun playing with her than posting pictures of her, but to hold you off until I download hundred of pictures from our digital camera, here are some recent pictures that Jenny posted.