iMac Core Duo & MacBook Pro shipping details

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I've got several Intel Macs on order from Apple. I thought I'd share the shipping information I'm getting from Apple to help everyone get a picture of how easy (or hard) getting an Intel-based Mac is. I will edit and repost additions to bottom of this article as newer information is available.

I've got two 17" iMacs coming. Both are stock. The first was ordered within the first few seconds that the Apple Store came online after the Keynote. It was ordered along with iLife 06 and iWork 06 at 10:57 AM PST on Jan 10.

My Apple Store Order Status page tells me all three will ship "On or before Jan 13, 2006."

The second iMac is coming via the ADC DTK exchange. I filled out my form within minutes of getting the email, but I've not received any additional information since then.

I also have 2 MacBook Pros coming. The first is a stock 1.67 ordered at 11:02 AM PST on Jan 10. The Apple Store lists "On or before Feb 15, 2006" as the estimated ship date.

The second MacBook is a CTO 1.83 ordered with 2 GB RAM and the 7200 RPM 100 GB HD. Apple has added "Replaced with new product" to the order status twice, so three identical MacBooks are listed. The final one lists "On or before Feb 15, 2006" as the ship date as well.

*Update 1/13* the iMac ordered from the Apple Store has shipped!