XP on an iMac Core Duo? Sort of.

I noticed OpenOSX.com released an Intel native version of their WinTel product and decided to give it a go. If you're just looking for a quick synopses, I'll save you a lot of time by saying it's terrible. A usable XP on Intel-Mac solution is not here yet.

The purchase process is convoluted. It involves placing an order, waiting for a download link, downloading an encrypted disk image and finally emailing the company to request a password for said image.

Ok, so the company must be worried about piracy. I'm not sure why they would be though. This is just a vaguely simplified version of Bochs. I say vaguely simplified as a kinder way to say that this is not an app that will get an Apple Design Award at WWDC. If PerversionTracker were still around, I'm guessing they'd get a 10.

To be fair, the company's tech support is responsive and polite. They promise a 2.0.1 update will be out soon with a 200-400% improvement. They have proper spelling and punctuation.

How slow is this product? I started an XP install 15 hours ago and it's not done. XP installs are known to be slow even on a real PC, but this is insane. Other users I've spoken with say that XP is completely unusable.

Bochs is a very portable emulator written in C. My guess is they complied for Intel and called it a day. That means we're emulating the Intel x86 ISA on an Intel x86 processor. What we need is a product that emulates a BIOS and the other bits of a PC inside of OS X. I'm told this is coming.

It's certainly not here yet.

Here's some pictures of the pain.