Skype in the palm of my hand: Netgear's new WiFi phone

I just received my Netgear WiFi phone (model SPH101). I've been frustrated with cell phones (and cell providers) for a while and I've been looking for something that offers better audio fidelity and lower cost. I've found it.

Now, for those of you who aren't gearheads this is not a normal phone. It's not a cell phone or a landline phone. It's a voice-over-IP product. Instead of using Vonage or one of the other pay-per-month providers this phone accesses your Skype account. That means you get all the benefits of Skype (no monthly fee, free international calling to other Skype users, insanely cheap international calling to non-Skype phones, etc.) but you're not tethered to a computer.

The form factor is terrific. The phone is small, but not too small. The UI is well thought out. The display is bright and sharp.

The audio quality exceeds any phone of any kind I've ever used.

Give me city-wide WiFi and I'll kill my cell phone!