Coffee, me and where the baby pictures at

When I was growing up I hated coffee. I couldn't understand why anyone wanted to drink a hot, bitter beverage. This attitude persisted into early adulthood.

Then, I started dating Jenny. Jenny would have an occasional coffee with her grandmother and I started to join in the tradition. Coffee seemed to add to good conversation in a meaningful way. For someone with an attention span of my own, ot offers just enough of a distraction to keep me from getting distracted. That will make sense to others in the same state.

Next, I started making annual (or more often) trips to San Francisco. You can get really, really great coffee over there. So, I'd become a temporary coffee-addict when in the west coast.

After that, I started making trips to Starbucks when the urge hit me for Cafe Mocha or the like.

Now, for the last week, I've had a cup of coffee at work every morning. It seems to be the only way to function at work given my schedule and the fact that I have a baby. Our baby is an early riser and has pulled me against my natural inclination to the same.

it's time to stop fighting it and admit what I am: a regular coffee drinker. I'm sure I'll start reading the newspaper soon while wearing dress socks and will suddenly find myself on the other end of the generation gap.

That doesn't scare me at all. At least for me, being a grown-up is much cooler than being a kid. Sure, you have a lot of responsibilities and no free time. Yes, you don't get to do "cool" things very often. My awareness of pop-culture is zero.

But I get to be a dad, and that makes it all worth it.

On that topic, the requests for baby pictures from my non-geek readers is reaching a fever pitch. I'm really busy, but I'll try to oblige soon. I just have to plug the camera in and let iPhoto do its thing.

All you geeky readers should have some MacBook Pro goodness soon enough.