Lola: A Madison Story

Today's Shuffle Song:
Do Not Move
Do Not Move by David Crowder Band

The people who actually know me and read this site are pretty sick of all the Intel Mac discussion. To appease them I offer this sacrifice: a story about Madison.

Many parents are obsessed with developmental milestones. There are numerous books, websites, and magazines that offer information about what your child "should" be doing at a given age. Although I think it is important to monitor some of these milestones in order to asses potential health problems, I think as a society we tend to go overboard.

The people I treasure are treasured because of their attitude towards life and towards other people. I do not hold someone in esteem because they are smart, talented or physically attractive. I admire a person who loves freely, or is kind, or fights against injustice out of a desire to help other people. It is more important to me that my daughter is a successful at relating to others while believing in herself than that she has a high IQ or makes a lot of money.

So, at present, Madison doesn't really talk much. I haven't looked to see if this is normal, and I don't really care. When the mood strikes her, she will make various sounds and they do get more elaborate with time. On occasion, she will actually use "Mama" or "Dada" in the right context.

This morning as we were all getting ready, she was wandering around the house making sounds and having a good time of it. Charlie and Lola started on The Disney Channel and Madison was walking by Jenny. Jenny said "Charlie and Lola" and Madison replied "Lola."

Now, we've all heard parents tell us their children can say various words. This generally goes something like this:

Parent: "Did you know little Billy can say 'mushroom'?"
Me: "I didn't but that's really cool."
Parent: "Billy, can you say mushroom?"
Billy stares blankly.
"Say mush-room"
Billy: "mursOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
Me: "Wow."

That's not how this went down. Madison uttered a perfect, if slightly British "Lola." She only did it once and was not interested in a repeat performance.

If someone told me that today I was going to fly out to Cupertino to visit the Apple campus for a tour of everything, even the Industrial Design facility conducted by Steve Jobs himself followed by a concert featuring Third Day, David Crowder, Weezer and Beneath His Feet I would be less excited that I was at hearing the word Lola.

Yep, having a baby changes everything.