MacBook Pro Arrives

I'm writing this from my new MacBook Pro. My plan was to write some rough thoughts and throw up a photo gallery before the big guys could, but MacWorld and Ars were suprisingly fast. There's no way I can beat those guys on quality, so I'll just mentions some stuff I haven't seen elsewhere.

The top bezel above the screen is bigger than you'd think. On the other hand, the iSight camera is TINY.
MagSafe is awesome. It has saved my new MacBook from a fall while I wrote this post.
The words "MacBook Pro" are eteched into the case below the screen and have a mirrored surface, in contrast to the screen printing of other Apple portables.
The keyboard has a great feel.
The shipping box is much smaller than previous Apple portables.
The screen is wonderful.
AirPort reception is much better than my previous aluminum PowerBook G4. It is not as good as the iBook.
The trackpad is wider than my previous aluminum PowerBook G4.
Contrary to reports I've read online, my MacBook is completely silent.
Like other Intel Macs I've tried, it has no issues with network home directories on an Xserve G5/Xserve RAID.

The performance so far is wonderful. I've grown accustomed to the joys of having a new machine over the years, and I can already tell that this is going to be among my favorites.