Mike McHargue sells out

If you look at the banner at the top of this page, you'll see I've joined Google's AdWords program. My site has always been a hobby, and is not something I ever intend to derive income from. My ramblings are far too incoherent and random to maintain any sort of readership.

Or so I thought. My site has been a repeated victim of the digg effect thanks to my ramblings about Macs. Digg's not the only aggregator that's started throwing traffic my way, and Google and Yahoo send more people each day compared to the last. It seems we've got a bit of a snowball happening here.

Also, Google Analytics tells me that I'm building a base or returning readers. It's a little scary who many of you come back of your own free will to read what I'm posting. I can only assume we're facing a world-wide epidemic of boredom.

So, I'm turning on the Google ads because they are generally relevant and un-obtrusive. I'm not going to continue to write whatever I'm thinking about, when I have time. I'm not trying to intentionally build traffic, or cater to a reader-base. I may write exclusively about your favorite thing, or I may never mention it again. The ads will hopefully offset some of the expense associated with having a blog that gets actual traffic.

Feel free to ignore them. If they offend you, drop a comment or send me an email. I don't write for a crowd, but if the ads drive the crowd away they cease to have a purpose.

As always, I didn't proofread this post. I bet Google will advertise spell-check software on my site.