The blogger's dilemma: static vs. dynamic

Now that is up and running, I've started to wrestle with the urge to overhaul this site. is very Web 2.0. In terms of design, it heavily utilizes Ajax. It's built on Wordpress, so it's a dynamic site built on PHP and MySQL. It is extensively interactive and collaborative.

That also means to load a given page puts more load on the web server than does the static HTML of That's particularly relevant in case I ever become a victim of the digg effect or Slashdot again. My site never stopped responding even under insane traffic load because the site is very lightweight. isn't getting enough traffic for me to do any performance profiling yet, so I don't have any hard data to base a decision on. I just have a gut notion that if I take into the realm of dynamic content, my server will burst into flame if I'm ever mobbed again.

I'm able to hold-off for now, but only because using Blogger allows the site to be pseudo-dynamic. Blogger handles comments and publishing for me and allows the site to have some interactivity, just not live interactivity.

I have no doubt I want to redo as a Wordpress site post-haste. The issues that I created using nothing but wordpress plug-ins, schemes and widgets. I didn't write a single line of code. All I did was replace a couple of graphic files. Pixel Records will require a freshly creates scheme, and I'm not up to that. Maybe it's time to talk to some web designer buddies.