Core 2 Duo processors dominate Athlon 64s in independent test

Intel has officially unwrapped its Core 2 Duo processors, and The Tech Report has an in-depth look at how the chips compare with AMD's latest, including the new Energy Efficient Athlon 64s. Core 2 Duos dominate the benchmark results and power consumption tests, asserting Intel as the new king of desktop performance, and performance per watt.
Apple really made the right call moving to Intel. Back when Apple decided to go with IBM for the G5, Intel was headed for trouble with the Pentium 4. These days IBM is too busy working on CPUs for game consoles to be concerned with the space Apple plays in.

I thought Intel over AMD was all about manufacturing capacity, but the Core 2 Duo is a speed demon. It looks like I'll be retiring my Athlon gaming rig for a Core 2 Extreme box in the very near future.

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