Road to WWDC

I'm sitting in the Atlanta airport with a longer layover than I need. Since I'm headed for San Francisco for Apple's WWDC 06 (World Wide Developer's Conference 2006), and nothing NDA covered has been announced yet, I'll go ahead and do a WWDC post. Don't expect many of these, all the sessions aside from the Keynote are covered by NDA and thusly can not be blogged.

There's been a lot of roundups on what will be announced at the Keynote this year. I'm not going to fuel those fires because I don't have any information other that what's out on the web. I do know that Keynote predictions tend to be either uncannily accurate or complete pipe-dreams, so be sure to take what you read with a grain of salt.

My MacBook takes an incredible amount of time to boot and login in the Airport. I think it's because there is an unsecured WiFi network that offers no connectivity until you pay for access. I haven't checked any logs here, but I'm guessing that my machine is trying to contact its Open Directory Master. This MacBook as a Portable Home Directory and managed preferences. There seems to be a continuum of booting/login for such configurations that follows, from fastest to slowest:

  • When connected to the LAN (via Ethernet or WiFi) where the Open Directory Master or a Replica resides.
  • When connected to broadband, assuming you stop home directory synchronization.
  • When there is no Internet communication at all.
  • When there is a pay-for-access WiFi hotspot with no WEP or WPA protection.
The last senario is painful. Really, really painful.

Also from the random observations category, nothing says "I come from a small city" than landing at a big airport and then walking to the terminal because your plane is too small to connect to the gate.

Finally, a view out the window in Atlanta, where they just announced my flight is delayed.