Keynote Today

Steve Jobs will deliver the keynote speech at MacWorld 2007 today.

No, I'm not there.

Yes, I know I'm usually there.

Yes, my company wanted to send me.

No, really, I didn't go.

Sure, this keynote looks like it will be huge.

I've just reached a point where aside from the keynote and a stroll around the show floor that there isn't much a MacWorld for me. The sysadmin sessions are pretty basic, and there's not very good access to any Apple people. That's why I've been going to WWDC.

Of course I'll miss WWDC this year as I'll have a one-month old baby at that point.

I'm told that they've been beefing up the sessions at MacWorld for people like me. People that manage lots of Macs in pretty advanced environments (Open Diretory Replicas, Portable Home Directories, LDAPv3 & Kerberos, Oh My!).

Truth be told, I'm too busy at the agency and at Pixel Records to take the time to go over there. I mean SUNDANCE is doing an event at Muse Isle tonight. Sundance. As in the TV channel. Yeah.

I've got to stop trying to do everything. My day will go down something like this today:

5:50 AM - Get Up and get ready.
7:00 AM - Take Madison to School.
7:30 AM - Arrive at work. Work frantically on Sarbanes Oxley documentation, FTP account creation and regular support.
12:00 PM - Tune in to MacWorld Keynote. Bar door to office and turn off all phones.
1:30 PM - Keynote ends. Order whatever new cool thing was announced for myself and Curtis (my boss).
3:00 PM - Go to OBGYN appointment with Jenny. Learn gender of new baby.
4:15 PM - Return to work. Work frantically to catch up.
7:00 PM - Log into Second Life and prep Muse Isle for the Sundance event.
8:00 PM - Sundance event starts. If everything is rolling, leave in hands of Muse Isle staff.
8:15 PM - Leave work. Drive to FSU campus. Skip eating.
8:30 PM - Arrive at FSU stadium. Head upstairs (you're already late!) and set up to play FCA.
9:00 PM - Play FCA.
10:00 PM - Finish FCA. Pack gear into trailer.
11:00 PM - Head home. Too late to eat.
11:30 PM - Arrive home. Kiss Jenny. Check email and log into Second Life to see how Sundance event went. Think about hos much stuff you needed to do today and didn't have time for.
12:00 AM - Go to bed. Try to sleep really hard because 5:50 will come much too soon.

This is why it take a little while to get me to reply to email and why I don't blog so often. I need a time machine, a clone, or both.