Kindle's almost amazing

I don't have a Kindle yet, but I do plan to get one soon.  After reading far too many blogs and magazine articles about the device, I almost got the fever.  Despite the fact that there seems to be a pretty even split between those who love the device and those who loathe it, I'm still really excited about the potential of the technology.

I'm an avid reader, but I don't have the time to go browse bookstores.  My favorite time to read is when I travel, but books are a drag in terms of bulk and weight when I'm hoping from plane to plane.  The idea of carrying--and adding to--my library on a reasonably sized device is very appealing.

The Kindle as it stands is far from perfect.  It's expensive, the e-ink could be better, and for goodness sakes it needs multiple fonts.  I still think something like the Kindle will one day to do books and magazines what the iPod is doing to physical music media.

Or at least I did until 30 minutes ago when I pulled a beautifully illustrated, large format, color children's book off the shelf to read to Madison at bedtime.  We're a LONG way from matching that experience with an e-reader.

Books are really not great in terms of environmental impact, they take lots of space and  they're prone to wear out--but they'll be with us a long, long time.