@Macworld 2008

I'm in San Francisco again for MacWorld. The weather in  San Francisco is incredibly beautiful today.

I was entertaining the notion of doing a photostream, but then I realized that 1,000 other people will do better ones than I could.

Here's a few random thoughts.

  1. Registration starts at 8 AM tomorrow.  My first session is at 9 AM.  Huh?
  2. If you wear a *really* loud Hawaiian shirt in San Francisco, everyone will stop to talk to you.  This is in a city where there are some truly colorful characters everywhere.
  3. If you're in SF for Macworld, there's a restaurant next to the Pickwick on Fifth.  They have inexpensive and nicely edible food of the sandwich and pasta variety.  Folks on a tight per diem should check it out.
  4. There are two substantial tractor trailers attached to Moscone West.  One of the Apple security guard stopped me (to talk about my shirt) and mentioned they were for the keynote.  The trailers are here every year, but for the first time I've stopped to think just how much money Apple spends to do a keynote.
  5. John C. Welch is a cool dude.  Yes, I'm sucking up.