YouCare about Qwitter! Honest!

As part of our ongoing work for the Tobacco Free Florida, we've launched two initiatives that I really want to share.  The fact that both of these ideas started as crayon drawings at a lunch with Stratton has nothing to do with it, honest!

The first thing is Qwitter.  Qwitter is a social tool designed to help people stop smoking by making it easy for them to keep track of how much the smoke and share that information with others.  It's powered by the Twitter API, and as such offers some really potent SMS and IM integration.  If you're a smoker, Qwitter is free and worth a shot.

Secondly, we've just launched a contest on YouTube.  We're asking people to make videos about why they don't smoke.  As a nice perk, we're giving away an iMac and a bunch of iPods to the winners--and all the good spots are going to air on TV in Florida.  If you're an aspiring video-maker, here's an excellent shot at beefing up your portfolio.