SkinnyMike 3: Wii mean it this time

I've been on 3 diets in my life.  I originally porked up while Jenny was pregnant with Madison.  I joined WeightWatchers and lost it all--getting to the thinnest point of my adult life.  Then Jenny got pregnant with Macey and I porked up again.  I decided to try NutriSystem and got intense migraine headaches for my troubles.  NutriSystem did not work for me.

Now, I have Wii Fit.  Wii Fit is a video game that comes with a electronic step.  You perform various workout routines and the board evaluates your performance.

It's a real workout, not a gimmick.  I've got the typical muscle fatigue one would expect today, and I'm hopeful that this could be a springboard to lasting fitness.

There are a few oddities though, namely:
  • I wear size 10.5 shoes and my feet barely fit on the board.  Those with larger feet could run into problems.
  • Why aren't there pre-selected workout routines?  How is someone as clueless about fitness as I am supposed to know what activities to do each day?
  • I married.  Why can't we use two balance boards at once?
Hopefully I can maintain the motivation to work out and to blog about it.  :)