iPad: hands on impressions

It was my intention to type this post on my iPad, but alas the body portion of the Squarespace post system is not recognized by the iPad as a text area.  That aside, here's a quick and dirty set of impressions from 5 or so hours of use.

  • One first use, the adjective "magical" no longer seems like hyperbole.  The large screen, smooth animation and high degree of responsiveness makes you feel like you are directly manipulating objects instead of working abstractly with pixels.
  • Typical of Apple, the fit and finish are lovely.
  • Setting it down on a table and typing is easy.  Many were concerned it would wobble, but it doesn't.
  • It's light, but feels very heavy compared to my Kindle.
  • The screen is gorgeous.  Everyone has remarked on it.
  • iBooks are lovely.  The use of images immediately makes it a better-than-Kindle experience.
  • The Amazon Kindle app is delightful.
  • Wall Street Journal, New York Times, GQ and USA today apps all give me a glimpse of the future of publishing.  I like what I see.  I subscribed to the Journal on the strength of the app.
  • The periodic table app should be seen by anyone making textbooks or instructional materials.
  • I downloaded several children's book apps, coloring apps and the like.  My kids are going to love this device, and it's going to be a great for story time.
  • Apple's apps are the most polished, but the third party apps are the most impressive.
  • Keynote on the iPad has issues if you import large, complex presentations from your Mac.  By issues I mean missing fonts, odd layout and constant crashing without an error.
  • Do not judge this device until you have used it.

Apple has a hit on their hands.