Again for the first time

My body is in revolt.

Despite diet and exercise, my weight hasn't moved an ounce since Saturday.  I'm not frustrated–my clothes fit a lot better, even since Saturday.  That said, right now the scale isn't reflect my efforts, and I think I could lose the lead in the Biggest Loser contest at work this Friday.

But this post is about running.

I got up early this morning, laced my my running shoes and strapped on my iPhone.  Outside is was cool and foggy, but my good friend the C25k app ran me through the same routine I started Saturday.  My energy level is a lot lower early in the morning that it is in mid-morning, but when the time came to run it felt great.  My first minute segment felt completely effortless.  The second minute brought the near-euphoria I felt Saturday.  I was running much faster, but it felt good to do so.  I was amazed by my own progress.

And then came the half-way point, and my body felt this was a good time to tell me who was in charge.  My legs screamed with every step, far worse than any moment of Saturday's run.  This included the walking as well.  I wasn't winded so much as my legs were unresponsive.  I felt a much greater difference in my running and walking speeds, as well as my first half and second half performance.

Part of it is probably running right out of bed and before breakfast.  I think more of it is that my muscles don't have the nice reserves that I burned through Saturday.

On the advice of a good friend, I started tracking my calorie intake.  According to many sites I tried, I burn about 2,500 calories just to exist at my size.  "Safe" weight loss for me is about 2,000 calories a day and "Aggressive" weight loss is about 1,800.  My actual intake for the last week and a half has been close to 1,300-1,500 calories a day, and this may be so low that it's slowing my weight loss.  Ugh.

I've known the body goes into "starvation mode" with too few calories, but I don't know if I'm across that threshold.  I know I don't feel that hungry between meals.  I also know that my ratio of carbs/fat/protein looks really good according to MyPlate on, whose app I'm using to track my eating.  Perhaps a bigger breakfast and bigger snacks will get me where I need to be.

Or maybe it's time to stop inventing my own diet and talk to an actual professional.