Runnin' on empty

This morning's run was all jacked up.  I stepped outside and it was foggy and cold - about 38ºF.  I was in my usual t-shirt and workout pants, so my immediate feeling was that it was too cold to run.  Being both a newbie runner and a pretty clueless person, I decided that I would warm up as I ran.

The fog this morning was San Francisco style, bone-chilling, giant droplet slush.  3:30 into my warmup my teeth started to chatter.  This would not do.  I paused the c25k app and went home to grab a sweatshirt.  That felt better, but now my warmup was only 1:30.  So I started running at a different point.  Which meant all the hills were in the "wrong" places.

I didn't feel as drained as I have on other runs, but I knew my pace was suffering (it did).  True to form though, I ran the entire time I was supposed to, and hopefully that's the important thing.

I'm having a really hard time getting my calories.  The best thing is to get most of my calories in the morning, but it's a struggle to get more than 450 or 500 calories at breakfast.  I also forgot my snacks today.  I'll be shocked if I make it to 1,000 calories today, and I burned over 300 running.

The sad thing is I'm not even that hungry.  I seem to be built to either eat 5,000 or 1,300 calories a day.  Anything else is a lot of work.