Biggest Loser Week 3 Weigh In

This week's weigh in shows 1.49% of my weight gone during week 3, for a total of 20 pounds.  I've got 7 pounds to go for that fabled 10% mark.  Daily weigh-ins have let me feel out my weight cycle. My body loses weight quickly for the first half of the week, and holds on stubbornly at the end.  To that point, it seems like my body is working hard to "defend" the 240 pound (morning weight) mark.

The aftermath of last night's exhilarating C25k run has been tough.  I can barely walk this morning.  It's strange that what felt so effortless has left my shins with almost no strength today.  I can't even lift my toes.

I'm still excited about starting Couch to 5k week 3 on Saturday.