No Day of Rest

The Couch to 5K program includes recovery days as a core part of the program.  There's a real chance of injury or overextension since C25K participants are coming from a sedentary background.  My days are usually Saturday-Tuesday-Thursday, which gives me an extra rest day before starting a new week's routine.

This week I'm headed to New York.  I entertained the possibility of running in Manhattan, but given my Florida boy's tolerance to cold (which is to say I have none) I thought the better of it.  Instead, I ran two days in a row.

It wasn't as bad as I thought.  My run pace fell slightly, but my walk pace is up and it felt like a pretty easy run until the last minute or so.  The cool down walk was a breeze.  It made me doubt the wisdom of the program designers.  If it's this easy to run two days in a row, couldn't I do the program faster if I ran every day?

Then I stopped walking and my shins caught on fire and my calves cramped.  I did my post workout stretching and that took care of the cramps.  The burning continues.  My legs are beat.  Now I have three days until my final week 3 run.  I hope this evens out.

It was still a good run though.  :)