Couch to 5K Week 4: In the Bag

This week started with my two most challenging runs yet. Tonight, I had my easiest. It was the same schedule and the same terrain as Week 4, Day 2 but the feel was completely different. My brisk walking pace means every run starts with a run up a steep hill. The first three minutes were tough, but not brutal. I hit a great pace for the next 5 minute leg, and past my record first half distance before it was over. By the time I hit halfway, I was far beyond my farthest point.

Of course, this meant I had a 3 minute run up an even steeper grade than my first run. It came easy for me. There was no burning, soreness or fatigue. When I hit my last 5 minute run, I felt like I could go a lot farther than what was left. When I was on my final minute, I impulsively switched to an all-out sprint. I was able to maintain this as-fast-as-I-can-go pace for a full minute, and I felt like I could have run more.

My cool down walk seemed effortless. Day 3 of any week is so much fun it's like a preview into the future when I am a conditioned runner.

The result was over 400 calories burned, 2.5 miles run and an almost 2 minutes per mile faster than day 2 of this week.

I'm sure my tune will change in Week 5. I've read it's the toughest week in the program. For now, I feel confident and accomplished.