One Last Walk - Couch to 5K Week 6, Day 2

Tonight's run was special–it's the last interval in the Couch to 5K program.  Every run from this point on is a continuous run.  Thursday's run is 25 minutes non-stop.  Week 7 is three 25 minute runs.  Week 8 is three 28 minute runs.  Week 9 is three 30 minute runs and then I graduate the program.

Knowing tonight was my last chance to get a walking break I decided again to push as hard as I reasonably could.  The first half of my run (which is mostly downhill) was easy.  Everything just clicked, and even at my fastest pace ever it felt like a laid back jog.

I bet my distance by such a margin I ran our of sidewalk and ran on the unpaved shoulder of Bucklake Road.  It looks like I need to plan out a new route moving forward.

The second half was tough from the get go.  As I started the long, steady climb back home my pace fell dramatically.  My legs burned and ached.  I was happy that I didn't feel winded or out of breath.  I did have to concentrate on my form, but not on my legs.  As the burn gets worse, I have a tendency to throw my head back and that affects my breathing.  Every few paces I had to tell myself "chin down!"

I'm sure my pace will drop quite a bit now.  I really rely on those rests to complete my time.  As it stands, this was one of my favorite runs.