Slow and Steady Make My Day - Couch to 5K Week 7

I couldn't take another fiasco like Week 6, Day 3.  That run was demoralizing to me.  No matter how many reasons there were to excuse that run, it affected my outlook.  I was determined to start off Week 7 with a run that was enjoyable and made me feel like I was progressing.  I started setting the stage for this run yesterday by going to bed at 10:30.  When I got up, I ate a good breakfast.  There was an event at my daughter's school, so my morning was spent running and moving.  My lunch had ample protean and carbs.  I drank plenty of water, including a large glass over 5 minutes or so right before my run.

I also selected a new route.  My there-and-back haul on Pedrick Road was not working anymore.  The first half was too easy and the return trip was killing me–plus my increased time/distance means I was running out of road and having to sprint across a major road.  Instead, I mapped a route around the four neighborhoods around me that is pretty close to 5K.  There's some hills, even some steep ones, but it wasn't one continuous slog.

It worked.  The change of scenery was nice, and the run came easier.  I didn't push hard on pace, and I was able to maintain a very consistent 12:00 mile.  I know that's bad, but it's better than last week so I'll take it.  I finished feeling like I could have kept going–and that lest me know I can push the last 5 minutes on mu next run.

This was exactly the run I needed.  Plus, 400 calories burned is a nice bonus.