Couch to 5K Week 7, Day 2

Well, that was easy.  I felt like I had a good run on Saturday, but today was better.  I started out at a quicker pace and sustained it for the first 10 minutes.  About that time I hit some hills and struggled for the next 5 minutes or so.  My pace fell a lot and I could tell, and I figured the run was probably ruined.

I was determined to keep running, even if the rest of my pace was slow.  Then, as quickly as it came the feeling of fatigue left me and my legs stopped burning and I set a more aggressive pace.  By the time the "5 minutes left" announcement came, I felt like I could run all day.  At two minutes I ran aggressively trying to wear myself down.  At one minute, I sprinted and was able to sustain that pace for the full 60 seconds-uphill.  I felt like I could have gone quite a bit longer.

I wish every run could be like this.  I ended up setting a personal distance record, and I upped my average pace by :30 a mile over my last run.  I think I can push it farther on Thursday when I close out week 7.

The 477 calories burned won't hurt on my final Biggest Loser weigh-in on Friday either.