Couch to 5K Week 3: In the Bag

I run better at night.  I feel better, and the data suggests I run faster too.  Last night I decided to save my run until after work, despite the risk of rain.  The forecast is always wrong anyway, right?

Well, tonight it was cold, windy and raining.  This caused me a few moments hesitation, but after three days off I was anxious to get going.  I stretched inside and then set out for my warm up.

That rain really didn't bother me, and my new sports headphones are waterproof anyway.  The cold wind felt more refreshing than anything.  In fact, I made my best distance, best walking pace and best running pace.  The first 90 seconds were tough, but after that I really felt in the zone.

The aftermath was some of the worst yet.  I finished strong, and felt great but as soon as I stopped walking my legs went to jelly.  I suspect my shins will punish me in the morning.

Saturday is Week 4.  The cycle looks tough, but I feel up to the challenge.  5 minute runs, here I come.