Limping to the Finish - Couch to 5K Week 9 Starts

It's here at last.  My graduation week in the Couch to 5K program.  This week consists of three 30 minute runs.  At the end of week 8, I had really high hopes for this run.  Because of a business trip to Denver, I had to compress week 8.  It worked well enough as I had some of my best runs so far.  My hope was that a few extra days off would set me up for a strong start to week 9.

And then I had some flight trouble.  I was in the wrong city yesterday morning, with only 90 minutes of sleep under my belt.  I knew that was a recipie for disaster, so I decided to move my run to today.  With a little less than 7 hours sleep last night, I felt much better prepared.

Aside from some minor pain.  My right arch was really tender and my left hip felt off–and this is before I ran.  I blame this on a day and a half of airport hijinks with my laptop bag, overnight bag and dress shoes.  My body told me in the warm-up walk that it was not ready for this run.  I'd lost that itch, that need to run I've felt so often lately.

So, by tonight's run was the exertion of my will.  Every step was a struggle.  My energy felt low.  My foot falls felt heavy, and I wanted to stop after every step.  After 15 minutes I felt like there were no bones in my legs, but I kept going.  At 18 minutes I glanced at my iPhone which told me I was running a 15:00 mile! At 20 minutes I felt like I couldn't go anymore–so I ran faster.  I managed to get my pace back up around 12:00/mile with great effort.

I decided to sprint for my last minute, but I couldn't increase my pace at all.  It was taking a sprint effort to maintain my speed.

In the end, I averaged a 12:04/mile pace and I only covered 3 miles.  But I ran 30 minutes without stopping, and I've hopefully set myself up for better performance later in the week.  Unfortunately, a trip to LA is going to force me to push my next run to Thursday, and my final C25K run to Saturday.