Couch to 5K Week 7: In the Bag

Tonight was my third and final 25 minute run.  It was easy to the point of feeling effortless.  I increased my pace by almost :10 a mile, and I could have gone faster.  I was afraid that at some point later I was going to hit the wall and struggle.  It never happened.

There were a few hills where my legs started to burn a little.  At one point I had a minor stitch in my side.  For the most part I felt very little difference between uphill and downhill aside from speed.  My footfalls held pretty much the same rhythm.

Everything about this run felt good.  I felt relaxed and loose even when I sprinted the last two minutes.  I picked up a bit more than a tenth of a mile compared to my last run, so the last 90 seconds were up a steep hill.

It was easy.  My legs don't even feel tired.  I can't believe it.  It's like the whole run was a dream.

I have no doubt that I can pull of 28 minutes for week 8.