Biggest Loser Ends Tomorrow

This is it.  Tomorrow is the last day of our Biggest Loser challenge at The Zimmerman Agency.  No matter who wins, I know this has been an event that has changed lives for many of our employees.  I know my life is different.

I'm no longer afraid of two flights of stairs.

I can run and play with my kids without getting tired.

I can make that connecting flight.

I can button my shirt and pants.

I can wear those jeans from way back when.

I can tough my toes.

I can walk by a donut.

All this in three months.  All this because I stopped eating food that makes me feel bad and started running.

Are you fat?  Do you feel unhealthy?  Are you missing out on parts of your life because of your weight or your energy level?

Don't worry.  Don't fret.  Don't berate yourself.  Start eating better–now.  Throw the chips and cookies in the trash.  Get up.  Go outside.  Walk.  Run.  Try a running program.  There's nothing stopping you from being the you that you want to be.

Believe me.