Couch to 5K Week 8, Day 2

Tonight's run was wonderful.  I started out with a very aggressive pace, which I sustained on the first two uphill climbs.  I had to slow down some because my legs really started to feel weak, but I'd pushed so hard starting out that I was much farther ahead than my first week 8 run when I heard the halfway announcement.  That encouraged me, so I stared to push it again even though I had a long way left.  At some point faster speeds felt easier and I pushed myself to move quickly uphill and relax a bit downhill.

By the time I hit 5 minutes, I was almost home.  I ran the opposite direction to add some distance.  My final two minutes were all uphill, and I ran hard and sprinted my final minute.

I suspected I was making good time and cautiously hoped I was nearing my pace on my quicker 25 minute runs.  Instead, I made a new record for myself.  I went from 12:19/mile to 11:18/mi and took my distance from 2.8 to 3.1 miles!  That means I did a 5K if you include my warm up and cool down.

I have very high hopes for Week 8, Day 3.  I think I may be able to break the 11:00/mile mark if I can maintain a better pace in the middle portion of my run.