Promise Pegasus R6 with Thunderbolt. Holy Wow.

While we wait on a full review from Anandtech, I thought I'd throw my hat in the ring.  If anyone is wondering how fast ThunderBolt is, I can definitvely answer.  ThunderBolt is really fast.  Absurdly fast.  I've migrated my home directory over to a 12 terabyte Promise Pegasus R6 and it's unbelievable.  Booting from a SSD and accessing your home folder from a 6 disk array over a dual channel 10 gigabit interconnect is quite quick.  Really amazing.

I left the R6 set as a RAID 5 volume.  I can only imagine what it would do as a RAID 0.  Here's a run from QuickBench:


It's a good looking piece of hardware as well, and nicely matches my iMac.



All that over a single cable.  Amazing.