Half Marathon Training: Week 4 Days 1 & 2

It's been a good week of running so far.  The Jeff Galloway program I'm doing sets up three runs a week.  Day 1 is a pace run, but I've been treating it as a 30 minute threshold run.  Day 2 is a maintenance/recovery run and Day 3 is a long, slow distance run.  These are done Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Tuesday went great.  I felt like I had a lot of power on tap and that it was easy to move fast.  I pulled an 11:11 pace for 30 minutes, which is quite good for me.  My personal best is in the 10 minute range on a 5K.  It didn't feel all that tough, but my heart rate monitor verified that I was working hard.

Thursday was different.  I started at what I thought was a slow pace and was shocked when Runkeeper told me I was running 11 minutes a mile.  I was aiming for closer to 13.  As I tried to slow my pace, my legs started to hurt and the last mile was tougher than it had any right to be.

Tomorrow I'll do a 5 mile run.  I'm excited about adding some real distance again.