Up & Down: Week 4 Day 3 and Week 5 Day 1

Saturday's run was amazing.  Saturday's are "long runs."  The goal is to add distance comfortably and maintain a converstational pace.  I ended up with a 12:03 pace, which I was thriled with.  Better was the fact that I never percieved any real effort.  It felt like I could run forever.  Even the uphill climbs were easy.  Easily one of my favorite runs of all time.

Tuesday's run was not so good.  In fairness, I'd taken my dad out of the hospital early to be at the bedside of my dying grandmother.  It was a stressful day with a lot of driving–and my run started late in the evening.  To boost my spirits, I decided to take my dogs.  They're Weimaraners.

I'm not positive, but I believe Weimaraner is German for "Canine Cruise Missle."  My dogs can sustain a 25 mile per hour pace over 20 to 30 minutes.  Ruby can sprint over short distances at better than 35 miles per hour.  This means my sprint is a slow jog or trot to them.  They have a nearly insastiable thirst for speed and movement.  Thanks to their influence, I started out at a 9 minute per mile pace.  That is much to fast for me, even for a threshold run.  Before I knew it I was struggling to run, and the remaining 27 minutes of my 35 minute run were brutal.  I have never wanted to stop so much in mu lfe.  It was worse than when I first started Couch to 5K and the 8 minute segments hit for the first time.

I never stopped.  I did clock a 15:30 pace at one point, but I never broke a running form for a moment.  I ended up with an 11:48 pace over 35 minutes.  That's not good for a threshold run, but I went.

I certainly hope tonight's run is better.  This time I won't try to run at Weim speed.