The Decline of Evangelical America -

John S. Dickerson wrote an interesting piece for the New York Times on the state of the Evangelical movement in America. I'm not sharing this on on Facebook–my ability to absorb feedback of that kind is maxed out–but I wanted to share it with my readers on the blog. John is the pastor of Cornerstone Church, and I think his perspective is worthwhile. He is a man who maintains pretty traditional interpretations of the Bible, but his doctrine compels him to humility.

Although my scriptural leanings are far less orthodox, I too am troubled by the trend in America away from collective faith. We are a species built for community, but secularism has not raised any institution that fills the community role churches fill today.

My prayer is the decline of the American Church will serve as a wake up call to people who follow Jesus. May this experience bring us humility, and may that humility teach is to be more like Jesus.