Hello, Squarespace 6

The new Squarespace

The new Squarespace

If you are one of my nearly one dozen regular readers, you may notice the layout of my blog has changed.  I've migrated to Squarespace 6 which is a ground-up rewrite of the Squarespace platform.  I've been a fan and customer of Squarespace for many years, and the new platform has only made me enjoy the product more.

Over the years, my site has existed in many forms.  It started out has hand-coded HTML.  Then I migrated to GoLive for WYSIWYG editing.  I hated that.  So, I tried Blogger before it was a Google product.  I stuck with it after the acquisition, and still liked it.  I started to get the itch for deeper customization and better performance so I moved the site to Wordpress.  An article on the front page of Digg brought my Wordpress installation to its knees, so I made the move to Moveable Type.

My site is my playground.  I can make changes whenever I want without the requirements of the work I do for my company and its clients.  I don't really have to test very much–if my blog is acting strange so be it.  For mush of the site's life that has led me to installing a CMS package on a server and administering everything myself.

But I got tired of that.

There's this tension between the ease and scalability of a good hosted solution versus the flexibility you get with a self-adminsitered product.  I could never find the balance I wanted.  Until I met Squarespace.

Squarespace is a hosted platform, but it is deeply customizable.  It has a great editor that makes it easy to add whatever you want wherever you desire.  I've had a few Reddit front pagers on Squarespace, and it's never buckled under high traffic loads.

Squarespace 6 just makes Squarespace better.  The importer is one of the better implementations I've seen.  The new templates are very beautiful, and also very easy to customize.  I'm using the post editor now in full screen mode, and it's a good writing experience.  The ties to social network platforms are vastly improved.

If you are a blogger, photographer or artist I really think it's worth your time to give the new Squarespace a try.  There's even a free trial.