Nailed It

I feel sorry for everyone who believes that the current financial mess we’re in can be attributed to the actions of one man; or even one or two sessions of Congress. There have been well documented mistakes by both parties over the last 20 years that have contributed to the mess we’re in.
What’s extremely disappointing is to see people defending with vigor “their party” and condemning the other as the sole contributor to the problems we face. With that kind of thinking and blind dedication, I can assure you things will only get worse. You need to accept that “your party” is not perfect and may not always have your best interests in mind. You need to recognize when they’re failed you and be vocal about it. Screaming in anger about the party you oppose won’t do anything bu get you a pat on the back from the equally short sighted and small minded. You should shout even louder at your own party when the fail you, they are where they are in part because of you. Hold them to a higher standard, don’t give them a pass.
— imnotmarvin, Reddit user